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Why the NRA Should Not Give an Inch

I was listening to a podcast this morning of The Adam Carolla Show with Andrew Breibart and they made a great analogy between smoking and gun control.

In summary, the NRA does not and should not give an inch because it is a very slippery slope. Look at what has happened with smoking in restaurants… First smokers had sections in restaurants, then they got moved to the bar, then to the curb, and finally 80 feet (or whatever ridiculous amount) away from the restaurant/public spaces. If the NRA was to agree to any minor change the Democrats want then very soon the NRA and the people of our “free” country (I say free very loosely) will loose the few liberties we still have left.

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2 comments on “Why the NRA Should Not Give an Inch

  1. Eddie
    December 31, 2012


    What a sensitive topic this is! But since your putting it out here you go:

    1) I agree with the right to bear arms, what i disagree with is the ease of attaining weapons. Perhaps some sort of education and a rigorous licensing program should be implemented here, funded by the arm companies and subsidized by government.

    2) People, people, people are the users of guns and they are the ones ultimately responsible on how guns are being used. This takes me back to my firts point, without the proper education, owning a gun can be very dangerous!


    • damagodiva
      January 5, 2013

      It is a very sensitive topic and people automatically react by being very extreme. I agree that there should be some type of education and the NRA has suggested exactly that.
      Hope to see you around the blog soon.
      Dama Godiva

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