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Al-Jazeera to Purchase Current Tv

Lately I’m not surprised by much but this story shocked me. I can’t believe that the environmental savior (I say this sarcastically)and former Vice President Al Gore is selling his cable station, Current TV, to Al-Jazeera. This is the same network that has shown American soldiers being beheaded and broadcasted Al Queda propaganda.


2 comments on “Al-Jazeera to Purchase Current Tv

  1. necessaryandpropergovt
    January 4, 2013

    Dama, an even more shocking aspect is the reason Current TV gave for turning down a previous offer to buy their network. Here’s the rest of the story:

    – Jeff

    • damagodiva
      January 5, 2013

      Jeff, Thanks for the link and your comment.
      Dama Godiva

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