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Poll: Most Americans Would Feel Safer with Armed Guard at Schools

When the NRA announced that all schools should have an armed security guard many people where upset and some outraged by the stupidity of the NRA’s solution to what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. Ernest Logan, president of the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators called the plan “unbelievable and cynical” and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said it was a “completely dumb*** idea.” However a Rasmussen poll finds that most Americans don’t agree and would prefer to have an armed guard at their child’s school.

At least two school districts in New Jersey have added armed guards to their schools and I’m sure many more will as well.

Read more: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbarkoukis/2013/01/04/poll-most-americans-would-feel-safer-with-armed-guard-at-their-childs-school-n1479258



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