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Obama: The Machine That Keeps Chugging

Here we go again!

President Barack Obama’s campaign operation is about to kick-off another CAMPAIGN just months after helping him secure four more years in office. The mission is to assist the president in promoting his top legislative goals and progressive (socialist) issues.

A source that spoke on condition of anonymity said “After the election, it was clear from the conversations with supporters that they wanted to continue the progress we made in the first four years and continue it together.”  This should be an easy job since I’m not sure any progress was done in the past four years.

Aquí vamos otra vez!

El presidente Barack Obama iniciara otra campaña apenas unos meses después de ayudarlo a obtener cuatro años más. La misión es asistir al presidente en la promoción de sus objetivos principales cuestiones legislativas y progresistas (socialistas).

Una fuente que habló bajo condición de anonimato dijo: “Después de la elección, era evidente por las conversaciones con los partidarios que querían continuar con el progreso que hemos hecho en los cuatro primeros años y continúar juntos.” Esto será una tarea fácil ya que no estoy seguro de que algun progreso se hizo en los últimos cuatro años.

Read more: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2013/01/09/obama-political-machine-to-be-fired-up-ready-to-go-for-second-term/?hpt=hp_bn3




One comment on “Obama: The Machine That Keeps Chugging

  1. necessaryandpropergovt
    January 10, 2013


    The political definition of Progressive is “progress on the road to socialism.”

    Much like football, when they have possession of the ball, they don’t run in the same direction as we run when we have the ball. Their goal line is in exactly the opposite direction as our goal line.

    – Jeff

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