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X Marks the Spot on the Gun Map

The controversial gun map with addresses and names of gun permit holders in the Westchester and Rochester area of New York have helped thieves get their hands on guns. Their have been two incidents in two weeks, where the first was unsuccessful. The newspaper that published the map is not taking responsibility (yet.)  “The burglary is still under investigation, and there are no facts to support this correlation at this time,” Clarkstown Sgt. Joanne Fratianni said in a statement. “At this early point in the investigation, we believe it is a random crime and the home was not targeted,” Clarkstown Det. Lt. Charles Delo told News12.

The only randomness on this gun stealing spree is which house they will burglarize first.

El mapa de _ polémica con las direcciones y los nombres de los titulares de permisos de armas en el área de Westchester y Rochester de Nueva York han ayudado a los ladrones de obtener las armas. Ha habido dos incidentes en dos semanas, donde la primera no tuvo éxito. El diario publicó que el mapa no está asumiendo la responsabilidad (por el momento.) “El robo sigue siendo objeto de investigación, y no hay hechos que apoyan esta correlación en este momento”, Clarkstown sargento. Joanne Fratianni dijo en un comunicado. “En este momento inicial de la investigación, creemos que es un crimen al azar y la casa no estaba dirigida”, Clarkstown Det. El teniente Charles Delo dijo News12.
La única cosa al azar sobre los robos es que casa ir primero.

Read more: http://bit.ly/UxcD2y


2 comments on “X Marks the Spot on the Gun Map

  1. necessaryandpropergovt
    January 18, 2013

    Dama, check this out. I almost want to say “you won’t believe it.” But actually, it’s exactly what you’d expect.

    NY & NJ Journalists, Politicians Refuse to Post Lawn Sign saying “THIS HOME IS PROUDLY GUN FREE”

    – Jeff

    • damagodiva
      January 19, 2013

      It’s exactly what you would expect. Everyday I become more numb to the people around me and yet more frustrated by their ignorance.

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