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Eva Longoria’s Next Role: Hispanic Activist in Washington

Eva Longoria was President Obama’s secret weapon during the 2012’s election securing him the Hispanic vote(not sure it was all her.) Now the “Desperate Housewives” star is transitioning to political activist and taking on a new role as a Hispanic activist.  One of her primary aims is to make the case that “Latinos aren’t a drain on the economy or criminals crossing the border,” she says. “Most are hardworking people who are America’s emerging market.”

Her new role will be beyond fundraising and speechmaking and into policy and strategy. She urged Mr. Obama to make key changes on the immigration policy last year, and she is teaming with business to explore investments in housing and retail developments in Hispanic communities.

Along the way she has developed a rapport with the president and his advisers and angered her Republican fans by retweeting a message describing GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney as “racist/misogynistic” and calling people who would vote for him “stupid.” She also said Marco Rubio was “coming up with some silly stuff” on Latino issues.

In my opinion Eva Longoria is as suited to represent the average Hispanic immigrant as Obama is for blacks in North America. Eva is a ninth generation American that learned to speak Spanish only two years ago. I do not believe she represents the Hispanic people but only herself.

Eva Longoria fue el arma secreta del presidente Obama durante las elecciones del 2012 asegurando el voto hispano (no estoy seguro que todo era ella.) Ahora la actriz de “Desperate Housewives” está en transición hacia activista político y asumir un nuevo papel como activista hispana. Uno de sus principales objetivos es hacer que el caso de que “los latinos no son una carga para la economía o los delincuentes que cruzan la frontera”, dice ella. “La mayoría son gente trabajadora que son los mercados emergentes de América”.

Su nueva función estará más allá de la recaudación de fondos y la oratoria y en la política y la estrategia. Ella instó a Obama de hacer cambios fundamentales en la política de inmigración el año pasado, y se ha asociado con las empresas para explorar inversiones en vivienda y desarrollos comerciales en las comunidades hispanas.

En el camino se ha desarrollado una buena relación con el presidente y sus asesores y enfureció a sus fans republicanos por retweet un mensaje que describe el aspirante presidencial republicano Mitt Romney como “racista / misógino” y llamar a las personas que votarían por él “estúpido”. También dijo que Marco Rubio “viene con algunas cosas tontas” en temas latinos.

En mi opinión Eva Longoria no esta adecuado para representar al inmigrante hispano promedio como Obama es para los negros en América del Norte. Eva es una novena generación americana que aprendió a hablar español tan sólo dos años atrás. No creo que ella representa a los hispanos, pero sólo a sí misma.


Read more: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323783704578247792990982484.html?mod=WSJ_hps_LEFTTopStories#articleTabs%3Darticle


2 comments on “Eva Longoria’s Next Role: Hispanic Activist in Washington

  1. necessaryandpropergovt
    January 19, 2013

    Dama, the longer your articles are, the better they are. Gives you more room to stretch your brain and delve a bit deeper for us. You find interesting stuff to start from, but it’s your logical analysis & conclusions that I want to hear, to be honest.

    Due to the theme that you know I’m starting to explore right now (“effective conservative activism”), I’m especially interested in your topic here. The Hispanic demographic is important, and I don’t just mean that conservatives need to pander to Hispanics and fool them into voting our way. No, I mean that conservatives need to learn how to explain the philosophy of our principles, so that Hispanics can realize we’re not the enemy…that we’re on the same page regarding how to achieve success through hard work and belief in strong family ties. Finding the inroads to even be heard in the Hispanic community, and being given a chance to demonstrate the sincerity of our acceptance of the Hispanic community is a huge challenge for conservatives. I hope you will continue to feature your views in this area…you’re a role model, in my opinion. I admire people who swim against the tide of cultural peer pressure, unafraid. Here’s the blog of someone else I admire tremendously…she’s a conservative black woman in Chicago: http://musingsfromthegirlontheright.wordpress.com/

    – Jeff

    • damagodiva
      January 22, 2013

      I am glad that you enjoy reading my articles and thinking of me as being a role model. Awesome compliment!
      In some of my future posts I will be delving into topics such as Hispanic demographics and why Hispanics and Republicans need each other.
      I stopped by http://musingsfromthegirlontheright.wordpress.com/ and I can see why you admire her blog.

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