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Costs and Benefits of an Immigration Overhaul


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One of the many concerns of legalizing over 11 million illegal immigrants, mostly whom are Latinos and blue collar workers, is how the legalization program will impact the economic recovery. Most economists, demographers and other experts who have studied the potential impact of the program don’t expect it to affect the economic recovery.

They agree that it would benefit individual immigrants and their families because their work conditions would improve. The immigrants would become more likely to invest in education for themselves and their children because they would feel settled. Greater stability promotes integration and assimilation, both of which help the country’s economy.

We need to remember that most of these people have been here for many years and the effect on the U.S. labor market has already happened.

However, with all this being said they are not sure how this would impact the cost to the federal government and states of providing public services to legalized residents who eventually become eligible for them.

Una de las muchas preocupaciones de la legalización de más de 11 millones de inmigrantes ilegales, la mayoría de los cuales son latinos y trabajadores manuales, es como el programa de legalización afectará a la recuperación económica. La mayoría de los economistas, demógrafos y otros expertos que han estudiado el impacto potencial del programa no esperan que pueda afectar a la recuperación económica.

Están de acuerdo en que se beneficiarían los inmigrantes y sus familias debido a sus condiciones de trabajo mejoraría. Los inmigrantes serían más propensos a invertir en educación para ellos y sus hijos, porque ellos se sienten resuelto. Una mayor estabilidad promueve la integración y asimilación, las cuales ayudan a la economía del país.

Tenemos que recordar que la mayoría de estas personas han estado aquí durante muchos años y el efecto en el mercado laboral de EE.UU. ya ha sucedido.

Sin embargo, con todo esto se dice que no está seguro de cómo esto afectaría el costo para el gobierno federal y los estados de la prestación de los servicios públicos a los residentes legalizados que eventualmente se convierten en elegibles para ellos.

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2 comments on “Costs and Benefits of an Immigration Overhaul

  1. JohnRH
    February 4, 2013

    The WSJ link is only available to subscribers. If you share the article to an email address you can use the link in the email to share with others for a week or so. Here is a link to a podcast on the subject with the author Miriam Jordan: http://www.passfail.com/podcasts/wsj/wsj-editors-picks-immigration-reform-cost/wsj-editors-picks-immigration-reform-cost-7178770.htm . Yes, legalized immigrants would pay taxes though I’m guessing not enough to make much impact if most are in a low to middle income range. I’m guessing, again, that the greater economic impact would be on the benefits paid to them as eligible legalized immigrants in that same income range.

    • damagodiva
      February 4, 2013

      Thanks for the podcast (I included it in the post) and your comment.

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