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Killer Chris Dorner has Supporters?


Former 33-year-old ex-LAPD officer that killed 1 person and injured two others is at large. He clearly knows what he is doing since he was not only trained by the police department but also the Navy. According to the media he is heavily armed and dangerous.

In the rage-filled manifesto he wrote he threatens at least 12 people from the LAPD plus their families.

What I find incredibly disturbing about this case is that there are actual people and fan pages on Facebook supporting him. How can this be? This man has killed, injured, and swore to hurt many more but yet he has fans!

On Facebook there are several fan pages dedicated to his revolt and some of the pages have thousands of followers. He is being considered a hero and they are supporting his “cause.”  What is his cause, to kill? Just to name a few of the pages 1. Chris Dorner and the Revolution, 2. Chris Dorner – Chocolate Rambo, 3. Chris Dorner is a real Nigga, 4. We are all Chris Dorner.


I am sure Twitter is full of similar tweets supporting a killer.

Am I missing something? Why would anyone support a killer? I wish I could shake every single one of these stupid people and reason with them.


2 comments on “Killer Chris Dorner has Supporters?

  1. necessaryandpropergovt
    February 9, 2013


    Be very glad that you don’t understand people like that. They’re anarchists. They’ve always been around…Facebook just makes them visible, just like a blacklight makes blood splatters visible at a crime scene.

    If you said you understand them, then I’d be worried about you. The fact that you don’t understand them means you’re safely on the good side.

    – Jeff

  2. JohnRH
    February 9, 2013

    Wow. Beyond belief. I too am grateful that the identity-exposing Facebook makes them visible. (At any site hover the cursor over any ‘nn people like this’ to see a list of names.) I thank them for advising us of their potential (?!) insanity.

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