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ABC News Edits Michelle Obama’s Claim of “Automatic Weapon”


This is “malarkey!”

One of the many obstacles republicans face and need to overcome is the liberal mass media. How can republicans gain the White House when the mass media shapes the image of liberals as being palatable to the general public? Meanwhile they scrutinize, entrap and blast every misstep made by conservatives. This is an uphill battle and people need to learn and hear the truth.

Se trata de “tontería!”

Uno de los muchos obstáculos que enfrentan los republicanos es la necesidad de superar los medios de comunicación liberales. ¿Cómo pueden los republicanos ganar la Casa Blanca cuando los medios de comunicación da forma a la imagen de los liberales como aceptable para el público en general? Mientras tanto, escudriñar, atrapar y explotar cada paso hecho por un conservador. Esta es una batalla y la gente tiene que aprender y escuchar la verdad.

Read more: http://bit.ly/WpGYiq



6 comments on “ABC News Edits Michelle Obama’s Claim of “Automatic Weapon”

  1. JohnRH
    February 27, 2013

    Malarkey is putting it mildly. As noted in the link you reference: “…edits…were made solely for time.” They must have saved 1-2 seconds by this selective phrase editing.

  2. consideragain
    February 27, 2013

    Fortunately, it got even more attention due to their editing. While showing media bias at the same time. Almost a “win.”

    • damagodiva
      February 28, 2013

      Not exactly a win, since the only people commenting are conservatives. The progressives still have their blinders on.

      • consideragain
        February 28, 2013

        Point taken.

      • 247southernvoice
        February 28, 2013

        Very true. Have you ever read any Thomas Sowell? He speaks of those “blinders” in his book, “The Vision of the Anointed.” The last chapter, Optional Reality, is particularly informative.

      • damagodiva
        March 1, 2013

        Haven’t read it but will since I just ordered the book. Thanks for the recommendation.

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