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Worse Crime in NY to Have Bullets than Molesting a Child


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Governor Cuomo signed the strictest gun control law in January saying that having magazines with more than a 8 round capacity is defined as a criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree; a “Class D Violent Felony.”

Yes, it a worse crime to have more than 7 bullets loaded in the magazine of your gun, than it is to be a child molester! This is typical progressive mentality, anything to feel virtuous.

Listed below are a few crimes in New York that are class E felonies and A misdemeanors which are one or two arrest levels below a class D felony.

120.70 – Luring a child | E Felony 
125.10 – Criminally negligent homicide | E Felony 
130.20 – Sexual misconduct | A Misdemeanor
130.25 – Rape 3rd degree | E Felony
130.40 – Criminal sexual act 3rd degree | E Felony
130.52 – Forcible touching | A Misdemeanor
130.53 – Persistent sexual abuse | E Felony
130.65A – Aggravated sexual abuse 4th degree | E Felony
130.85 – Female genital mutilation | E Felony

Being a New Yorker (hating it by the second) I am outraged and surprised that people are not doing anything about this new stupidity. How can we let this happen?  Is this how we keep our children safe? 


3 comments on “Worse Crime in NY to Have Bullets than Molesting a Child

  1. JohnRH
    February 28, 2013

    Brilliant work, New York legislators. Absolutely brilliant. (NOT.)

    • JohnRH
      February 28, 2013

      From the WSJ: Cuomo Moves to Save Props From Assault-Weapon Ban. “Both Mr. Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said Wednesday that they want to alter the assault-weapons ban, passed last month, to exempt movie and TV productions filming in New York.”… ““People spend a lot of money in the state bringing movie production here, post-production here. So obviously we would want to facilitate that,” Cuomo added.” [Of COURSE it’s OK if money is involved!-JRH]

      • damagodiva
        February 28, 2013

        Interesting how they will make exceptions and accommodate Hollywood but not law abiding citizens.

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