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But It’s Not Fair!


I know I have been on a school and education binge the last couple of days but that is the root of the American problem. So here I go again…

The latest developments of being fair and just comes from a town in Massachusetts where middle school children will not celebrate ‘Honors Night’ because it is not fair to the children that worked hard but didn’t make the cut. Their will be no notice of achievement, no announcements, no bells and whistles, no trumpets, no dance, no whatever they do to celebrate.

We are getting the wrong touchy-feely (progressive leftist) kind of people running schools. Is it really not fair that one kid worked harder than the other? What are we teaching our children? They clearly will not be prepared for the real world if we are hiding reality from them at an early age.

When I went to school I was expected to be disappointed on a regular basis. According to my elders that is what made you a stronger person and prepared you for the “real” world.

In the future children will not be able to say their favorite phrase “it’s not fair!” 

Sé que he estado escribiendo mucho sobre el tema de educación escolar los últimos días, pero eso esa es la raíz del problema Americano. Así que aquí voy de nuevo …

Los últimos desarrollos de ser imparcial y justo viene de un pueblo de Massachusetts, donde los niños de la escuela intermedia no van a celebrar “Noche de Honores” porque no es justo para los niños que trabajaron duro pero no hicieron bien para la lista. No habrá aviso de logro, ni anuncios, ninguna campana, ni silbatos, ni trompetas, ni baile, nada para celebrar.

Estamos colocando directores escolares de mal sensiblero (progresivo izquierdista.) ¿Realmente no es justo que un niño trabajó más duro que el otro? ¿Qué estamos enseñando a nuestros hijos? Ellos claramente no estarán preparados para el mundo real si estamos escondiendo la realidad de ellos a una edad temprana.

Cuando yo fui a la escuela, se esperaba que yo fuera decepcionado de manera regular. De acuerdo a mis mayores es lo que te hizo una persona más fuerte y preparada para el mundo “real”.

Nuestros hijos pronto seran capaz de decir su frase favorita “no es justo!”


One comment on “But It’s Not Fair!

  1. necessaryandpropergovt
    March 22, 2013

    Dama, here’s some insight to why the liberal-minded teachers and administrators think it’s best to have no “disappointed” children that could become envious of their award-winning classmates: These teachers, principals, superintendents, and school boards fervently believe in the fundamental Marxist principle, “From each according to his ability — to each according to his need.” In order for a liberal person to believe that’s the best way to run a society, the liberal must believe that people will work as hard for the benefit of a stranger as they will for the benefit of themself and their family.

    You and I recognize that is a naive utopian dream. Conservatives recognize a fact about human nature: That only a small percentage of people are really willing to work hard for the collective good and not for their own personal betterment. The vast majority of humans are NOT willing to work that hard when they’re not allowed to receive the rewards they deserve for their own effort. So the intellectual elitists that run the world of academia think it’s their nannyist responsibility to try to instill the virtue of selflessness into our school children by denying them rewards for individual excellence, and making them learn to appreciate their uniformity. See how their illogical circle completes itself? If these teachers instead did what you and I think is right — individuallly rewarding children for their individual merits — these teachers fear it would reveal that they don’t really believe in the Marxist principle. Their emotional way of thinking lacks consistent logic. They’re stuck inside the limitations of their own misconceptions about human nature.

    Sad, huh? Especially since our children are the victims of this liberal K-12 academic monopoly. Did you see “Won’t Back Down” ?

    – Jeff

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