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Red Equal Signs

I’m away for a few days and the second I look at my Facebook I stumble upon the red equal sign. At first I was puzzled but a simple search term of “equal signs” I was awarded with hundreds of files. Clearly this term was not ungoogleable.

What I don’t understand about these equal signs is what difference will it make in the long run? Do people really think that updating your profile picture will make a difference? I truly believe in separation of church and state. I’m not for nor against gay marriage but I am for a balanced budget.

Luckily my Facebook page did not look like a bloodbath of red, but I’ve seen the horror on a few pages.

Estoy lejos del internet por unos días y el segundo que miro a mi Facebook me tropiezo con el signo igual de color rojo. Al principio me desconcertó, pero una búsqueda simple en el internet de “signos iguales” fui galardonado con cientos de archivos. Es evidente que este término no era ungoogleable.

Lo que yo no entiendo de estos signos iguales es que diferencia hará en el largo plazo? ¿La gente realmente cree que la actualización de su foto de perfil hará una diferencia? Realmente creo en la separación de iglesia y estado. No estoy a favor ni en contra del matrimonio gay, pero estoy a favor de un presupuesto equilibrado.

Por suerte mi página de Facebook no se parecía a un baño de sangre de color rojo, pero he visto el horror en unas pocas páginas.


One comment on “Red Equal Signs

  1. JohnRH
    March 28, 2013

    I had not heard about the Red Equal Signs phe-nom until I googled. Fortunately my Facebook page was spared, though the FB interface is changing more often than my own meandering blog. Despite my more than 20 yrs in IT I have always found FB difficult to navigate and control. We are very exposed there. It’s nice to know Zuckerberg is now creating a political advocacy group, just what we need: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324105204578384781088854740.html . While you were away Cristina Kirchner stood in for you, always available somewhere in the pages of the WSJ. Bottom line, HOW ABOUT A BALANCED BUDGET?! I like Ryan’s budget, balancing in 10 years. Probably doesn’t have a prayer though.

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