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White House Parties Must Go On


Photo courtesy of AP

White House tours have been canceled. Military furloughed. 663,000 people left the workforce last month. Income is on the decline. Taxes are rising. Health costs increasing.

But the show must go on! It is very sad that so many people see this as cool rather than what it really is…’let them eat cake’ attitude. If you have missed any of these lavish parties do not worry since a new party is being planned.

Casa Blanca giras han sido cancelados. Militar excedencia. 663.000 personas abandonaron la fuerza de trabajo el mes pasado. Los ingresos es a la baja. Los impuestos están subiendo. Salud cuesta cada vez mas.

Pero el show debe continuar! Es muy triste que muchas personas ven esto como cool en lugar de lo que realmente es … “que coman torta” actitud. Si te has perdido alguna de estas grandes fiestas no te preocupes ya que una nueva fiesta esta siendo planificada.

Read more: http://nation.foxnews.com/white-house/2013/04/09/another-exclusive-party-wh-taxpayer-expense-will-we-see-guest-list


One comment on “White House Parties Must Go On

  1. JohnRH
    April 10, 2013

    Some followup for the Hollywood obsessed:
    When you’re a ‘Prince’ ya’ gotta party like it’s 1999. The fun never stops.

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