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Arabic Mandatory at NYC Public School


Photo courtesy of David McGlynn: Principal Kram Rosen (left) hopes the Arabic taught by Mohamed Mamdouh (right) earns worldwide prestige for PS 368.

Why, why, why do I live in New York City? Please don’t answer.

With 80% illiteracy rate for New York City public high school students you would think that their focus would be to teach children English. But no they want to be different and somehow this program will help children. According to principal Nicky Kram Rosen of the school conducting the pilot program,  “Arabic has been identified as a critical-need language,” she said, citing students’ future “career trajectories.’’

Why not teach Latin? Is that too old school and perhaps that would be too helpful for school aged children?

Mohamed Mamdouh, who teaches the pilot program, said, “Soon, Arabic will be a global language like French and Spanish. These kids are like sponges. It’s amazing to see their progress.’’ If they are like sponges why can’t they read at their level when graduating high school?

¿Por qué, por qué, por qué vivo en la ciudad de Nueva York? Por favor, no respondan.

Con la tasa de analfabetismo de 80% para Nueva York los estudiantes de secundaria públicas de la ciudad se podría pensar que su objetivo sería enseñar a los niños Inglés. Pero no quieren ser diferentes y de alguna manera este programa ayudará a los niños. Según el director de Nicky Kram Rosen de la escuela de conducción del programa piloto, “el árabe ha sido identificado como un lenguaje crítico-necesidad”, dijo, citando “las trayectorias futuras de carrera de los estudiantes”.”
¿Por qué no enseñar a América? ¿Es eso la escuela es demasiado viejo y tal vez eso sería muy útil para los niños en edad escolar?

Mohamed Mamdouh, que enseña el programa piloto, dijo: “Pronto, el árabe será una lengua global como el francés y el español. Estos niños son como esponjas. Es increíble ver su progreso.” Si ellos son como esponjas por qué no pueden leer a su nivel al graduarse de escuela secundaria.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/arabic_mandatory_at_city_public_UdLomjOOnZNfjDfs6YQrUN


2 comments on “Arabic Mandatory at NYC Public School

  1. necessaryandpropergovt
    April 25, 2013

    When are you and your family moving to Texas? Or at least maybe South Carolina, with Nikki Haley as your governor. You kinda look like her anyway…you could get a job as her stunt double.

    (I’d say you should move to Colorado, but it’s become a blue state in the last decade. If my 30-year career and vested pension weren’t here, I’d move.)

    – Jeff

    • damagodiva
      April 26, 2013

      I would love to move but for the moment we are sort of stuck because of work. However, I’m looking into switching them to a Catholic school.


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