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Misplaced Priorities


Jason Collins (basketball player) came out today in an article in Sports Illustrated. Judging by the reaction he received you would think he found a cure for a deadly disease. But no he didn’t, he only admitted to liking men.

Organizing For Action, Obama’s activist group, tweeted to Jason that they “stand with you today.”  Bill Clinton also chimed in, releasing a formal statement asking for everyone to support and respect Jason, and that this was an “important moment” for sports and the gay community.

Slate.com wrote that  “When Collins came out in Sports Illustrated, he made it much easier for other male athletes to do the same.”  Why is this important?

Slate also pointed out, “Over the entire season, Jason averaged 1.1 points per game. He doesn’t just look bad going by traditional numbers: The advanced stat PER ranked him the second-worst player in the league in 2012-2013 among those who played at least 150 minutes.” Despite his awful stats they went as far as saying, “…it would be good for the league, and for aspiring players both gay and straight, to see him take the floor, even if it is just to get a few stops while a better player rests. No matter how unimpressive his scoring numbers may be, nobody can doubt now that Collins has courage.”

Are we suggesting to give people work only because they are gay?!?

What boggles me the most is the White House’s reaction to the news. Almost immediately they responded to Jason’s admittance to liking men. Something so insignificant, compared to major events, received such importance from President Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, and the rest.

We should all be angered about this! I am. Obama and his puppets have not mentioned in a public statement the death of Navy Seal Chris Kyle, the Gosnell trial, and so many other issues that I don’t have time to list, but yet they think having a lame basketball player come out is important.

Our priorities are clearly off kilter. I don’t care if he is gay, he can be as gay as he wants. It just shouldn’t be a breaking news event. There are so many things that need to be addressed by our president and his friends, such as the economy being in the crapper, unemployment, terrorist, Syria, and a crazy North Korean man saying he will nuke us.


One comment on “Misplaced Priorities

  1. jmricci
    April 30, 2013

    Perfectly stated…misplaced priorities!

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