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Same Group of “White Crackers”


Talk about double standards and racism.

In an interview with the Daily Beast published Friday, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) suggested Tea Partiers are the “same group” who fought for segregation during the Civil Rights movement.

“It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. They didn’t care about how they looked,” Rangel said.

“It was just fierce indifference to human life that caused America to say enough is enough. ‘I don’t want to see it and I am not a part of it.’ What the hell! If you have to bomb little kids and send dogs out against human beings, give me a break,” said Rangel.

Why can a black person call a white person a “white cracker” but a white person gets punished for saying the “N” word twenty something years ago?

Habla acerca de la doble moral y el racismo.

En una entrevista con el Daily Beast publicada el viernes, el congresista Charlie Rangel (D-NY) sugirió que el Tea Party es el “mismo grupo” que lucharon por la segregación durante el movimiento de derechos civiles.

“Es el mismo grupo que nos enfrentamos en el Sur con las galletas blancas y los perros y la policía. Ellos no se preocupan por cómo se veían “, dijo Rangel.

“Fue una feroz indiferencia hacia la vida humana que causó Latina para decir que ya es suficiente.” No quiero verlo y no soy parte de ella. “¡Qué demonios! Si tiene que bombardear a los niños pequeños y enviar perros en contra de los seres humanos, me dan un descanso “, dijo Rangel.

¿Por qué puede una persona negra llamar a una persona de raza blanca una “galletita blanca”, pero una persona blanca es castigado por decir la palabra “N” hace veinte y tantos años?


2 comments on “Same Group of “White Crackers”

  1. necessaryandpropergovt
    August 3, 2013


    There is an even more basic objection to his basic assertion: The Tea Party is not a racist organization. Like ANY group of humans, it may have individuals that are racist to one degree or another, but it is ridiculous to think that a group advocating limited government so our taxes can be lower is “racist.” There is no logic to it. To me, the liberals are just pulling from their handbook of political tactics. When they have no logical, rational retort, they pull the pin and throw the racism hand grenade into the middle of an innocent crowd. I think t is actually quite predictable.

    Good to talk with you again….
    – Jeff

    • damagodiva
      August 4, 2013


      There usually never is any logic and you are correct about pulling the racist card when they have their backs against a wall.


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