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Obama Tells Teachers Not to Reprimand Black Students


To no surprise, President Obama is dividing the country once again.

President Obama is asking public school teachers to “take it easy” on black students who misbehave.

On July 26, 2012, Obama signed an Executive Order to create the African American Education Initiative. The order births a new federal bureaucracy and effectively offers black students a green light to misbehave at school.

The order, however, does not include any suggestions to improve black students’ inappropriate behavior.

Members of the new bureaucracy will work to pressure public school systems into complying with the president’s order. To do that, public schools must utilize a quota system.

That’s right, a quota system.

No es de sorprender, el presidente Obama está dividiendo el país una vez más.

El presidente Obama está pidiendo a los maestros de escuelas públicas a “tomarlo con calma” a los estudiantes afroamericanos que se portan mal.

El 26 de julio de 2012, Obama firmó una orden ejecutiva para crear la Iniciativa de Educación afroamericana. La orden de una nueva burocracia federal y ofrece efectivamente a los estudiantes negros la luz verde a portarse mal en la escuela.

La orden, sin embargo, no incluye las sugerencias para mejorar el comportamiento inadecuado de estudiantes negros.

Los miembros de la nueva burocracia trabajarán para presionar a los sistemas escolares públicos a cumplir con la orden del presidente. Para ello, las escuelas públicas deben utilizar un sistema de cuotas.

Así es, un sistema de cuotas.

To read more of this unbelievable story: http://americanoverlook.com/obama-tells-teachers-not-to-reprimand-black-students/102367


One comment on “Obama Tells Teachers Not to Reprimand Black Students

  1. Claudia
    August 12, 2013

    This is insane. To what level are we going to take this. We must teach our children that negative behavior will not be tolerated and that there are penalties associated with that conduct. Leaves you to question what is next… reprimand whites only?

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