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Clinton Critical of Obama Foreign Policy


Courtesy of D.C. REUTERS FILE: June 17, 2014: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a Fox News Channel interview, in Washington

Hilary Clinton the the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate is launching her campaign by distancing herself from President Obama.

Clinton, who as secretary of state was Obama’s top diplomat, suggested during an in-depth interview with The Atlantic magazine that the president’s foreign-policy mantra of “don’t do stupid stuff” lacked sufficient depth.

“Great nations need organizing principles,” she said in the roughly 8,000-word interview released Sunday. “And ‘don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.”

I know that Obama has failed to do anything right during his presidency, but wasn’t Hilary Clinton Secretary of State for at least part of the Syrian Civil War. Will people (I mean liberals) see past her attempt to hit the reset button?

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One comment on “Clinton Critical of Obama Foreign Policy

  1. TC Williamson
    August 11, 2014

    No, I don’t think liberals will see her for what she is. They’ve succeeded in electing the first black president, notwithstanding that he is utterly the worst failure in the history of the presidency. Now they’ll be looking to elect the first woman – never mind that she’s a liar, and quite possibly a criminal as well.

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