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Gubernatorial Candidate Releases Photo with Darker Skin to ‘Look Hispanic’

fred duval commercial

Photo: Fred Duval campaign video with darker skin, left, and his campaign photo, right

Can a liberal ever be taken seriously? This guy, Fred Duval, proved they cannot and should not.

Fred Duval a Phoenix business man that is vying for the Democratic nomination to run for governor of Arizona doctored a photo to make his skin look darker. The intention, several published reports maintain, was to “look Hispanic.”

Mr. Duval said he wanted to show Republicans that he is a good sport. This sounds more like a cheap tactic. What I find interesting is that the liberal media went bonkers over Mitt Romney’s cheap tan during the 2012 presidential campaign. But this good-for-nothing liberal is just funny.

¿Puede un liberal alguna vez ser tomado en serio? Este hombre, Fred Duval, ha demostrado que no pueden y no se debería.

Fred Duval un hombre de Phoenix que está compitiendo por la nominación demócrata a gobernador de Arizona retoco una foto para que su piel se vea más oscura. La intención, varios informes publicados mantienen, era “verse hispano”.

Sr. Duval dijo que él quiso mostrarle a los republicanos que él es un buen deporte. Esto suena más como una táctica barata. Lo que me parece interesante es que los medios liberales se volvieron locos durante la campaña presidencial de 2012 cuando Mitt Romney salio bronceado. Pero esto hombre es gracioso.

Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2013/08/05/arizona-democratic-gubernatorial-candidate-releases-photo-with-darker-skin-to/?test=latestnews


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